About our department

Munich School of Engineering and Management

picture: Florian Hammerich
picture: Florian Hammerich

Our teaching and research stand out above all others for the interdisciplinary interrelation of engineering and management. We have a diverse educational programme, including Bachelor's degrees, consecutive and post-graduate Master's programmes and international doctoral studies.

A department of more than 40 professors, 20 staff and 1,600 students, alongside more than 70 part-time lecturers with experience from the world of business, are forging ahead on the road to success. Every year, 500 young people begin their studies with us. Every graduate leaves the department holding the title Wirtschaftsingenieur - a quality seal representing excellent professional skills.

To date, over 10,000 alumni have successfully completed their studies within our department, making it one of the most renowned talent pools for industrial engineers. This is confirmed by the university rankings year in and year out.