3D Nanostructures and 3D Nanoprinting Laboratory

3D nano lithography can be used to produce three-dimensional objects similar to 3D printing. Compared to 3D printing, structures in 3D nano lithography are 10,000 times smaller and start at about 100 nm. (A human hair, for example, has a diameter of 60 to 80 µm, which is 600 to 800 times larger than the smallest possible structure in 3D nano lithography).

"500µm high Eifel Tower"

The objects can be designed and drawn with the help of standard CAD software. The CAD data is then transferred to the 3D nano lithography device, so that the structures are then "written" into a photosensitive varnish using a strongly focused laser.

  • Minimum structure 100nm, i.e. 10,000 smaller than 3D printing.
  • Maximum structure heights over 500 µm.

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Laboratory Manager

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rebhan
Room: R 5.016

Tel.: 089 1265-3934
Fax: 089 1265-3902

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